KICoB library has a sitting capacity of 100 users at a time. The library holds 1015 titles and 3208 volumes of books. The Library is connected to Internet which is available 24 hours. There are also ports for accessing Internet services which allow students and staff to use their own computers. The library has subscribed to four electronic resources.

Health Services

The Institute has a dispensary which serves the university and neighboring community, moreover the dispensary also offers Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) services. Cases requiring special attention are referred to Shinyanga regional referral hospital or private hospitals in Shinyanga town. Services are provided to members of National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) as well as non-members who are required to pay cash.

Computer Lab & ICT Services

KICoB has a computer laboratory for practical training in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) )-related courses. The laboratory has 48 computers, and all users can access the Internet.
KICoB is connected to the national fibre optic cable through the Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited (TTCL). Six Wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) access points allow users to access Internet services in offices, lecture rooms, libraries and hostels.

Student Accommodation

There are three students’ hostels with a combined capacity to accommodate 242 students at a time. All hostels have entrance doors and corridors that are conducive for people with special needs. The hostels accommodate about 34% of the current student population. The rest of the students are accommodated outside KICoB in identified privately owned hostels. Through HEET project new hostels with a capacity of 1540 students will be constructed in the campus.

Students’ Counselling and Guidance

Counseling and guidance services are undertaken by the students’ affairs unit which is under the supervision of the Office of Director of Students Services at Moshi Campus. The Unit is responsible for overseeing the social welfare of students and enforcing students’ by-laws. In particular, the Unit is responsible for students counseling in various social matters, assisting students to secure accommodation off campus, facilitating participation in sports and games and coordinating students’ career day. To increase the efficiency academic advisors are allocated to each and every student during their stay at the institute. Also there is a gender desk which facilitate teaching, working and learning environment.

Sports and Recreational Facilities

There are different facilities to cater for various recreational activities such as leisure, sports and games. These include football, netball and volleyball playgrounds which are used for inter-programme and inter-institutional competitions, as well as individual exercises. Similar and additional recreational facilities are accessed from other nearby institutions. Despite the available recreational facilities, plans are underway to improve the existing ones and introduce other indoor and outdoor sports and recreational facilities.