Latest Past Events

KICoB and the College of Health Sciences, Kolandoto Staff Relations Event on Zanzibar Revolution Day

Employees of the MoCu-KICOB in Kizumbi, Shinyanga, participated in the 60th anniversary celebrations of the Zanzibar Revolution at the Kolandoto Health Sciences College. They contributed various items to patients undergoing treatment at Kolandoto Hospital to provide comfort and encouragement during their illnesses. Additionally, the employees engaged in a sports festival organized by Kolandoto Health Sciences […]

Inter Programme Games Climax

The winners of the final match of the first-year Diploma showcase their joy after receiving the prize of a livestock (Ng'ombe mnyama) in the competition, defeating the second-year Diploma team. The student government leadership (MoCUSO) at Ushirika College Branch in Kizumbi, Shinyanga, commended the college administration for improving the learning environment and providing opportunities for […]