KICoB Students Gain Practical Insights into Manufacturing Accounting at Gilitu Enterprises Limited

KICoB Students Explore Practical Manufacturing Accounting at Gilitu Enterprises

Students pursuing a Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree in Cooperative Management and Accounting from the Cooperative and Business Education Institute Kizumbi (KICoB) recently embarked on a field trip to Gilitu Enterprises Limited located in the Shinyanga Municipality. Gilitu Enterprises Limited specializes in the production of sunflower and cottonseed oils, maize flour, rice, and other related products. The primary purpose of their visit was to gain practical insight into the Manufacturing Account, a subject they have been studying theoretically in class.
During the visit, the students had the opportunity to learn various aspects related to the Manufacturing Account, including the compilation of all costs and expenses incurred in the preparation of products for sale, such as raw material costs, machinery costs, maintenance expenses, and wages. Accompanying the students on this educational excursion were their instructors, Dr. Christina Mwakabumbe and Mr. Usiri.
This hands-on experience provided the students with valuable real-world knowledge that complemented their classroom learning, enhancing their understanding of accounting principles and practices within the manufacturing industry.