Unique Celebration Marks International Workers’ Day in Shinyanga

Unique Celebration Marks International Workers' Day in Shinyanga

Employees of the Cooperative University of Moshi (MoCU) – Institute of Cooperative and Business Education Kizumbi (KICoB) commemorated International Workers’ Day in a distinctive and captivating manner. These dedicated staff members left a lasting impression on the attendees of the May Day celebrations by showcasing branded umbrellas adorned with the MoCU logo.
The International Workers’ Day on May 1st in the Shinyanga region was celebrated today, May 1st, 2024, at the grounds of Kakola Primary School in the Msalala District of Kahama, approximately 186 kilometers from Shinyanga town. During the event, they paraded in front of the guest of honor, the regional commissioner of Shinyanga, proudly displaying their banner.
The innovative approach taken by the MoCU-KICoB employees not only added flair to the occasion but also garnered widespread admiration from the community members present. This remarkable display of creativity and unity serves as a testament to their dedication to both their profession and the spirit of International Workers’ Day.